What is MOQ for the Baby Diaper Private Label?

Usually private label always required MOQ, most of the baby diaper buyer would like to have their own brand for a long term marketing, It’s a good marketing strategy, and maybe in a few years, the built brand will have a certain share in the market.

We can usually do customisation in these three parts on a diaper, back-sheet, frontal tape and package, if you would like to know the components of a typical baby diaper, you can visit this post:

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Frontal Tape:

Frontal tape usually two kinds of types, one is Textile another is a PP frontal tape, it’s just with different raw materials. But it can with multi colors, there are lots of public vision for chose if you want to save the plate cost and avoid the MOQ requirement. You can also put your own design and logo but it will have MOQ requirement.


The minimum order quantity different due to different materials, for Textile frontal tape, the MOQ is 5000m2, it can produce 600000pcs of diaper, about 1.5 x 40HQ container; But for the PP frontal tape, the MOQ is 300 kgs, it can produce 1500000pcs of diaper, about a 3x40HQ container of baby diaper.

The cost of the plate: It usually cost 100 USD each color, e.g. If your design with 7 colors, means you will need to pay USD700 as the plate making cost, and this is only requested first time paid.



This is used as the back sheet, that prevents the liquids from leaking out of the diaper. It usually made breathable that good for baby skin to avoid the rash.


The back-sheet is a very important place to decorate your nappies and give brand marketing, but it usually printed with 1-3 colors, since if with multi color, the cost higher, If design is important to you, it is certainly possible to do 4-5 colors and even you can do the position of each size unique, but of course the MOQ is multiplied, as per how many size you ordered, each size needs its MOQ. The MOQ usually 1000kgs, which can make produce about 800000pcs of diaper, about 2x40HQ container. If you do the unique design for each size, then the MOQ will depend on how many size you ordered, if you order 4 sizes, which means total MOQ will 8x40HQ container quantities of baby diapers.


The cost of the plate: It usually cost USD120 each color, and also only first time required to pay. If the contents of each size different, also need to pay multiple plate making costs, e.g. The above with 5 sizes and 1 color, total need to pay 5 plate x $120= USD600.



The packaging will be the most important and relevant to your brand, it will lead to whether the consumer buys your product or not, so an attractive packaging is very important. It needs to be beautiful enough to stand out from the crowd.


The MOQ for the package will depend on how big of the bag, same like the counts of each bag, usually from 10-120pcs /bag, the counts different can cause different MOQ, I will give a reference as below:


10-20pcs counts: 15000pcs of polybag
30-50pcs counts: 10000pcs of polybag
60-90pcs counts: 8000pcs of polybag
90-120pcs counts: 5000pcs of polybag

This amount can be used as a reference, but it is not absolute and sometimes there is more or less.
The cost of plate making also depends on the package size and counts, please refer to the below if to say we make our design as 7 colors with 4 sizes:

10-20pcs counts: $80 per color x 7 colors x 4 sizes= USD2240
30-50pcs counts: $100 per color x 7 colors x 4 sizes= USD2800
60-90pcs counts: $120 per color x 7 colors x 4 sizes= USD3360
90-120pcs counts: $150 per color x 7 colors x 4 sizes= USD4200

All the above plate making cost only required to pay in the first time design.

All of the above is about the material private label MOQ. What if the customer is unable to order based on the material MOQ for the first time? here is our advice:

As a medium sized baby diaper factory, we well understand it’s not that easy for buyer to purchase with containers first time, they will usually need 1x40HQ to test the market and do some adjustment if needed for future order, that’s why we can accept 1x40HQ as production MOQ while buyer need to pay for the remain raw materials, we will return this cost when the buyer place the second order. This is for the convenience of buyers who want their own brand, but don’t want to do too much stock. But there is also very difficult for us to accept 1x20ft due to the baby diaper machine is running very fast, about 500pcs per minutes, so if the quantities under 40HQ, that make us difficult in production arrangement.

If you’re interested in ordering private label baby diapers or still have any other questions about MOQ, we can help. We have a very professional designer can help in the design, and our team can help you find the perfect fit for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.


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