How to know that diapers need to be changed?

It is logical: the smell, or the swelling of the diaper will prove it. However, it is important to keep an eye on your child to know if diapers need to be changed.

Newborns usually wear ten diapers a day if they are properly nourished and hydrated. As they get older, they will need to be changed less regularly.

How to change a diaper?

Preparing for diapering:

It is necessary to have things at hand. On the diaper changing table -really useful-, we must have a couple of clean diapers, a place to dispose of the other one, wipes to clean the baby, baby powder, some toys to keep the child entertained. It is convenient to take out some wet wipes beforehand, and if we want, we can have a change of clothes.

In addition, first of all we must wash our hands and logically, at the end of the diaper change as well.

First we must put the new diaper correctly on the table, lay the child on it, quickly remove and throw away the dirty diaper, lift the baby’s legs -putting the baby to one side makes things easier too- and clean it. Then we should put some talcum powder and, if necessary, some ointment to avoid irritations.

If the diaper is soiled with pee, we can fold the diaper under the baby, which should be touching the area to be cleaned (the outside of the diaper). If it is soiled with poop, we can try to clean as much as possible with the diaper, and then perform the same procedure.

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